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Maritime Security (MARSEC)
Ken’s Marine Service can provide our customers and client’s waterside compliance for Homeland Security MARSEC requirements. We can provide 24-hour-a-day coverage for your terminal, facility, or dock.We offer waterborne patrols of facilities. We also have available anti-terrorism booming in various sizes which can be deployed around vessels for additional security. For more information, please contact us by phone at  (201) 339-0673  or  (201) 437-3541 .
Oil Spill Response Team
Ken’s Marine Service has been in the oil spill response business for over 25 years. Whether it is a spill from a land site remediation to an accidental discharge from a ship or barge into the harbor, Ken’s Marine can handle your situation with professional and experienced manpower and equipment.Our employees are hazmat certified and are experienced in all types of spill situations. We own and maintain all the necessary equipment that would be required to properly and efficiently clean up any type of spill.
Marine Haz-Mat Response Team
Ken’s Marine Service has experienced hazmat-trained personnel on call 24 hours a day to respond to any maritime hazmat response. We have a BOA contract with US Coast Guard to provide service in the New York Harbor. Other clients include the US Navy, DEP, EPA, various power generating stations, and our ship and barge clients.We can respond to a wide range of emergency situations, such as floating drum and cylinder recoveries, oil and chemical leaks from vessels & IMO Containers, shoreline and outfall leaks, and waterside-generating plant spills. For more information, please contact us at (201) 339-0673 or (201) 437-2541.

Other Services:

  • Cargo transfer and offloading
  • Hazardous material response
  • Temporary and portable liquid storage
  • Oil containment
  • Underground tank decommissioning, removal and remediation
  • Hazmat safety training